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Nine Hours of Real-Time
Live Participation

An immersion into experiencing what's most important about online hosting - not just talking about it. Here. Now.

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Handouts & Resources

High-quality resources to inspire and support your learning. All the basics & more to create resilience, trust & effective learning environments online.

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Full Access

Wherever you are, at any time, you can access this content and contribute to the future of online hosting; a future that is being co-created, now.

The current situation still reflects a steady shift to online space, but disappointment and fatigue are also present ... something is missing.

"Online Hosting Now" is a very special practicum. It offers a fresh & invigorating approach to online engagement that makes your meetings come alive; it is about learning what it means to be a human being while we are hosting and participating online. 

You can find many online tools these days, and we will share our favourites with you. But that's not what this course is about. It's about the energy, the spirit and the attitude with which we can experience and create trust, resilience, spaces for learning and collaboration, and community online. It's about spaciousness and relationship.

We invite you to experience:

  • Opportunities for co-creation and collaborative learning
  • Peer-exchange on the practice and essence of online hosting
  • Ways to uplift both the individual and the collective
  • A place where people can be together in a coherent and authentic "we-space"
  • The development of your own online hosting capacity

We (all) feel that the times we are living in could be very important and a time when life as we know it could be fundamentally altered.

"Online Hosting Now" will be of service to shared learning about what it means to apply our contributions as effective, aware and deeply human online hosts to this challenge.


This Practicum is for you if:

  • You want to build your capacity to host online coherent and genuine we-spaces in which people can participate authentically.

  • You have the impression the future of online hosting has shown itself partially and yet, you know, there has to be more.

  • You want to develop more confidence and gain experience in using hosting skills that make a real difference online.

  • You want to support teams, groups or organizations in their online ventures and are looking for helpful structures and practices.

  • You want to network and be inspired by others who share the same interests.


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Three+ Sessions


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We have created a private community space for networking, asking questions, and sharing reflections in between sessions. You can access it throughout the course and afterwards.

Stay Connected and Support Each Other!

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Each session will include a learning opportunity - something specific to explore and practice directly within your own context and situation. These unique self-determined practice times are an important way to integrate the learning and invite and inspire others. This results in win-win situations: You make a contribution to others (e.g. communities, team, organizations, family) and get a relevant, applicable training opportunity.

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Your Hosts

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Amy Lenzo

I am a digital artist and online host. I'm passionate about the natural world and using the language of art to communicate our essential connectedness with all Life. The goal of my work is always to create “hospitable space” online – environments that “call to the mystery” and connect us to our bodies and the natural world around us, that open us to the joy of learning, and awaken the power of collective intelligence among us.
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Jan Buckenmayer

Motivated by the idea of enabling relationships (partnership, financial, business, friendship, etc.), I work as a Facilitator and Design Thinking companion, supporting organizations and individuals in their development and transformation processes. With my work, I enable people to co-create a creative and humane (digital) working culture at eye level and with courage, curiosity and trust. I enjoy being in nature, observing, marvelling and learning.

Jan Michael Buckenmayer
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Holger Scholz

I see myself as a natural facilitator and a dialogic OD consultant. I believe everyone has a natural capacity for facilitating, hosting and mentoring. I became involved with large-group interventions in the 1990s. During this period, I came into contact with North-American indigenous worldviews and Circle. My work is based on my training as a large-group facilitator, coupled with my encounter with Lakota traditions, ceremonies and cultural techniques.



Professional Scribes from Bikablo accompany you on this learning journey with very different individual styles, but a coordinated concept of visual interventions. These provide orientation and ensure results, leaving enough space for joint experimentation and reflection.

We are looking forward to exploring the human needs in the online world together with you and to being there with the pen!

Here's what Mary Alice Arthur is saying about us...

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"The massive movement to online meetings comes with both a caveat and an opportunity. Just as it takes more than technical skill to host a great meeting face-to-face, it takes special attention to build connection and cohesion online. With Amy, Holger and Jan you will be learning from the best, experiencing real time what excellence in the digital realm really means!"

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